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Back in the game
in five minutes.

100 mg of caffeine
in a single Bitters® bullet.

For the exceptional.

2x More effective than an energy drink

Bitters® are uncompromising. They're like a weapon. Thanks to careful development and lengthy testing, we have come up with a way of getting an entire dose of caffeine into your body all at once. Without any loss.

3x Faster than an energy drink

We developed a unique gum into whose middle we've introduced pure caffeine in powder form. After biting into it, the powder dissolves in the mouth, and is absorbed through glands under the tongue directly into the bloodstream. The effect thus comes on within 5 minutes.

2x Stronger than an energy drink

It's just this combination of a powder core and maximum absorption efficiency that helped us ensure that the entire dose of caffeine is digested and takes effect.

This is far more than the body is capable of gaining from any products digested in the stomach or small intestine.

Free shipping

We provide shipping and delivery of your Bitters® free of charge. We use reliable shipping companies such as UPS, DHL or FedEx.

Money back

We are confident that we produce a functional product for you. Therefore, the guarantee we can offer does not represent any risks for you.

Fast delivery

Thanks to the highly functional system that Bitters® has, we are able to send the shipment received within 1 hour from receiving the order.

For the exceptional

We know that we produce an exceptional product for exceptional people. Bitters® are not for those easily satisfied with the status quo. Nor is it for those who believe that life is only sweet.

Bitters® are for those who want to win. For those with only yards to go to the finish line. A few minutes to victory.

Sugar free

Bitters® contain no sugar. They have almost zero calories because they are sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia rebaudiana. We gave it a peppermint aroma for the best bitter taste, while maintaining a high dose of caffeine. This also supports burning fat, and is suited to those wanting to stay nice and slim.

Not for children

Bitters® are not for those with a taste for sweet bubblegum. You don't chew them to be more attractive, but to immediately recharge your energy.

You will not chew them after meals as a breath freshener. You will enjoy them in times when you can't go on, but you need a real kick start.